In each episode, François Allain calls on a pool of 8 versatile garage mechanics to overhaul a vintage car. 

Work consists in restoring, partially renovating or restarting classic cars, from iconic ones to youngtimers. 

The renovation process is interspersed with more or less problematic discoveries and our experts are given between a week and two months according to the vehicles to sort everything out.

At the end of the mission, François Allain inspects the vehicle and hands the wheel to special guests and car aficionados who can drive their favorite car. Our expert then auctions off the vehicle at rallies or through ads. 


Hosted by :
François Allain

Broadcaster and replay :

Format :
56 x 60 min
1 x 90 min ( spécial Roadtrip au Qatar )

Troisieme Oeil Productions 
Troisieme Oeil Productions