In the company of inventors and scientists of today, we'll understand how the mind of the Italian genius echoes into the 21st century. The film will to and fro between history and inventions. 500 years after his death in his Clos-Lucé home in the Loire Valley, Leonardo da Vinci continues to inspire and fascinate a world of creators, scientists and artists with his free and incandescent mind. Based in that particular location where, invited by King Francis I of France, the Renaissance genius from Tuscany organized his extraordinary codex and spent the end of his life dreaming creatively, we went out to meet other free-roaming minds—heirs to the great Leonardo, who perpetuate the search for genius inventions and disruptions today. Thanks to historians Laure Fagnard and Pascal Brioist, we discover the fantastical machines of François Delarozière, the futuristic ecological inventions by Belgian architect Luc Schuitten, and the underwater cities of Jacques Rougerie. On the trail of Icarus's dream which has haunted Da Vinci throughout his life, French astronaut François Clervoye reveals to us his fascination for such a unique intelligence. In Brest, Brittany, orthopedic surgeon and professor of anatomy Dominique Le Nen shares his lifelong enthusiasm for the anatomical studies of the Italian master. He even modelizes them in a lab with his students. In Tours, young researchers make models of cardiac valves that the maverick genius has drawn over five centuries ago. “Vinci, l'esprit libre” is a journey into the creative meandres of this one-of-a-kind mind through the dreams of those who perpetuate a universal mode of thought: freedom.

 , les inventions futuristes et écologiques de l’architecte belge      


A film by :
Bernard Cazedepats

Broadcaster :

Duration :
52 min

Distributed by :
Troisieme Oeil Productions