What if meeting to talk about culture became a weekly spoof turning your ultimate temple of consumerism into a cultural arena?

In the Rayon Cult' show, Daphné Roulier welcomes a new guest every week, supported by a team of five aficionados of the cultural world. Aïssa Maïga, Constance Debré, Helena Noguerra, Carmen Maria Vega, Tanguy Pastureau—all of them a strong personalities, they share their very different takes on the week's cultural life.

They each defend their week's “product”, just like salesmen (books, films, arts, design, shows, by cherrypicking along the aisles from bestselling to arty offers), trying to convince the guest.

Every Wednesday from November 6 at 10.45 pm, on Paris Première, Daphné Roulier proposes an original trek through the cultural landscape—films, books, expos, shows and trends—in 52 minutes of discoveries, reviewing, debating and humour.


Directed by :
Daphné Rouilier

Broadcaster and replay

Duration :
90 min