The young victim of a stroke, Pierre, has daringly joined the dance before letting go in the arms of Aurore, whose skin peels off when she exposes herself to daylight. Bald and with a fragile heart, the young woman thought herself out of the scope of anyone's desire before she experienced this passionate love story with Pierre. In a wheelchair with cerebral palsy, Thomas is also recovering through dancing some power over that body which keeps him in an inner prison. When the slender Elisa waltzes teasingly around him, he livens up and untightens, gently revealing himself in the intimacy of this duo-duel—the dawn of an emancipation that led him to gradually come to terms with his sexuality. “I had almost ruled out love, hardened myself so as not to suffer. I had a hard time opening up my heart,” he says, his eyes deep into those his lover, Maxime, an able-bodied young man. Counting on togetherness to soften differences and allow for seduction, the NGO Au Nom de la Danse founded by choreographer Cécile Martinez mixes able-bodied and disabled people, paving the way to possible encounters for all and offering them artistic tools to bring their repressed emotions into the open.



A film by :
Stéphanie Pillonca

Broadcaster :

Duration :
52 min

Troisieme Oeil Productions 
Troisieme Oeil Productions