In the 90s, Hélène, Justine, Nicolas, Cricri d'amour, Johanna and the others reach each evening nearly six million viewers, children and teenagers, into a dream life, that conveyed by intrigue with rose water served in pasteboard decorations.


Hélène et les Garçons, Salut les Musclés, Premiers baisers, Le Miracle de l’Amour, Le Miel et les Abeilles, Les Filles d’à côté... TV Series at the origin of a real social phenomenon which will transform their characters into icons of a generation in France and sometimes even in the world.


An extraordinary success which is the work of two men, Jean-Luc Azoulay and Claude Berda, builders of a television empire named AB productions built at the launch of the now cult Club Dorothée

But all of these programs and their heroes will also face strong waves of criticism before the adventure ends abruptly in 1997. 


Today, become madeleines of Proust for millions of thirty or forty something, most of the protagonists of this story continue the saga in Les Mystères de l’amour broadcasted weekly on TMC. 

30 years later, with many archives, everyone will confide in the secrets of this incredible epic and deliver multiple anecdotes.    


How did this phenomenon come about? What drove whole generations of viewers to identify with these characters? How were they created and chosen? And finally, what have they all become? 


"Dorothée, Hélène & les Garçons: Génération AB productions" lets look at an unusual TV phenomenon



Directed by :
Olivier Monssens

Broadcaster :

Duration :
90 min

Coproduced by :
Flair Production / JLA Productions